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Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream is Now Available Nationwide by Popular Demand

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Boba lovers rejoice! Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream, the latest collaboration between Malaysia’s popular ice cream brand – Wall’s and Malaysian’s favourite bubble milk tea chain – Tealive, is now available nationwide online and offline after two weeks of overwhelming response in the market. Malaysians can all #BobajeLAH with #WallsBobalicious anytime, anywhere!

Made with 100% rich milk tea flavours and real chewy pearls in every bite, #WallsBobalicious aims to deliver a new sensorial experience to a familiar Malaysian staple with an exciting contrast in textures, from creamy frozen ice cream to soft chewy pearls. It is sold at an affordable price, ensuring Boba lovers enjoy their favourite drink in the form of ice cream to their hearts’ content at any given time and place!

“At Wall’s, we always keep a pulse on the latest consumer trend and it is undeniable that boba has taken this nation by storm in the last couple of years. In order to continuously bring our consumers on an exciting journey, our latest creation in collaboration with local popular bubble milk tea chain, Tealive Malaysia – Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice cream is set to bring Malaysian the latest and newest boba experience, conveniently packaged in the form of an ice-cream stick, where we can all enjoy and #BobaJeLAH wherever we are, and whatever the occasion may be,” said Shiv Sahgal, Marketing Director, Foods & Refreshments, Unilever Malaysia

Source: KL Foodie


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