The LOOB Career
We're a group of forward-thinking, passionate F&B entrepreneurs with knowledge, expertise and the boldness to make change through creativity and innovation. Here are the reasons why you should be a part of us:

- We practice an open and fun working environment
- We welcome ideas and innovation
- We promote entrepreneurial energy
- We provide an international learning experience
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Experienced Professional

- F&B Supervisor
- Operations Executive
- Area Manager
- Trainer
- Interior Designer
- Graphic Designer
- Accounts Executive


A LOOB internship is the best way to learn business skills and gain real-world experience before you graduate.

With LOOB, you can intern for various practices ranging from Operations, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, and Special Projects.

Skilled Hire

- F&B Service Crew
- Restaurant Crew

Career Progression for Skilled Hire

We Care for the Community

We encourage our colleagues to engage with our customers by contributing to the community we serve whenever possible. We thrive to play our part in molding a better society by giving back the best way we can.

Work & Life at LOOB

Here at LOOB, we take your career progression seriously. We're willing to work strength-to-strength with our colleagues to achieve win-win growth, regardless of their next personal and career milestone. We're proud to support our LOOBies every step of the way.