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Tealive teases us with 18 possible new flavours – Here are 4 you should try

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

This week, Tealive launched their “Breakthrough Moments” festival in Mid Valley Megamall that runs from from the 13th until the 17th of March.

The event celebrates Tealive’s success in opening over 220 outlets in Malaysia and offers visitors a chance to participate in lucky draws, make their own bubble teas, snap group photos in their ball pit, and even get discounted opportunities to join them as franchise partners.

At the festival, Tealive offered up 18 different flavours that were exclusive to the event (and might even be available at local outlets if Malaysians are receptive to the flavours).

Spread across four different counters, the flavours were all grouped into themes such as Travel, Exotic, Fruity, and the more abstract Possibilitea section.

Here are the list of flavours available:

  • Black Diamond Milk Tea – RM9

  • Fresh Mixed Berries Milk Tea – RM10

  • Fresh Mixed Berries Iced Tea – RM9

  • Lemongrass Green Tea (with Jelly) – RM8

  • Curry Mousse Green Tea – RM 7

  • Chilli Mousse Milk Tea – RM7

  • Salted Egg Bang Bang Fresh Milk – RM9

  • Salted Egg Pearl Milk Tea – RM9

  • Avocado Chocolate – RM10

  • Cempedak Milkshake – RM9

  • Cempedak Mousse – RM8

  • Avocado Espresso – RM10

  • Durian Milkshake – RM9

  • Durian Mousse – RM8

  • Aussie Tim Tam Shake – RM10

  • Viet Coffee Mousse – RM9

  • Chinese Osmanthus Goji Milk Tea – RM10

  • India Chai Milk Tea – RM8

Source: Discover KL


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