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MAMEE x Tealive Introduces Mi Goreng Boba For The Boba Fanatics Out There

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Good day foodies, remember when MAMEE x Tealive first came out with the Spicy Mi Boba? It was the talk of the town and many were confused with the flavor. These two Malaysian brands have once again teamed up to launch Mi Goreng Boba cup noodles!

Maggie goreng? Bubble milk tea? Why not combine both Malaysian favourites together into a product? We bet the creative team behind this collaboration must be thinking like this when coming up with the product. The all new Mi Goreng Boba cup noodles features the same sensation you get from the previous collab, but with better flavors.

Tealive posted on their Instagram with a caption that goes “Kali ni konfem tasty, so bros & sis kasi chance la skittt” which translates to “this time confirm tasty, so brothers and sisters please give chance.” Very Malaysian, which we love.

The all new Mi Goreng Boba cup noodles is available exclusively on Tealive’s website for a limited time only. Price starts from RM19.90 for a pack of 4. We’ve got a feeling this could be the next Internet sensation, once again.

Foodies, will you try this out? Let us know what you think of this collaboration in the comments and don’t forget to share this out to your buddies and challenge them to try this out. That’s all, have a great day ahead, and buh bye!

Source: KL Foodie


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